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googles most popular search terms 2014

Discover 2014's most popular search terms on Google

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Every December, the world's most influential websites publish what was popular with their users over the past 12 months. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube each try to grab the headlines with their lists, but Google's search charts are always the most interesting.

What began as a simple, text-heavy list of trending topics called Google Zeitgeist has grown into a fascinating website packed with information that explains why a subject was searched for by millions. Google's 2014 list, titled 'A Year in Search', reveals that 'Robin Williams' was the top trending search term, beating 'World Cup'. The most popular tech topic was 'iPhone 6' (Google won't be happy about that), while 'Ebola' topped the Global News chart. There are many categories to explore, including searches made in the UK (our favourite TV show was Peppa Pig, apparently). The best way to explore is just to dive in and see what grabs your interest.

You can view the list here


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