Seo Specialists team up

Two Norwich-based creative professionals have joined forces to strengthen their joint aim of placing client companies under the virtual spotlight to help them win more customers and boost profits.

Ross Maxwell, owner of Norfolk Web Support, and Sheree Hanna, Freelance Writer and Editor of Business Showcase, are both based in Hellesdon, Norwich.

The two experts advocate that in today’s highly-competitive, internet-driven markets, all businesses must have a shop window on line, or risk failure to succeed.

Increasing traffic to client’s websites requires not only eye-catching and innovative design and strong visuals, but also engaging and compelling content aimed at maximising site visits.

Google Captcha

What happened?

Google has developed a new system for checking that web users are humans and not robots, which ditches CAPTCHA puzzles in favour of behavioural analysis.
CAPTCHAS are difficult for automated systems to solve, but easy for humans, so they're used by sites such as ticket vendors to stop bots buying in bulk. They show skewed words, or a series of pictures that, for example, ask you to type the words or numbers that appear, or click all the images containing tea or some other theme.


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