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1000th chrome experiment

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In 2009, Google launched its Chrome Experiments website (www.chromeexperiments.com) to showcase how imaginative coders have used HTML5 and Javascript to make Chrome do interesting, fun and quirky things - or, as Valdean Klump says on the official Chrome Blog (bit.ly/chrome366), "build beautiful unique web experiences".


The thousandth Chrome experiment has just arrived, and it's one of the most visually stunning yet. It's a pulsating mass of coloured balls, each representing one of the previous 999 experiments. Move your cursor over a ball and it bulges towards you, displaying the name of the experiment. Click this to open it. You can also see the balls in a grid and in a timeline by clicking the top-right options.

The experiments have come a long way since the first batch of 19 arrived . One of these was a Ball Pool, which Klump calls a 'classic. He's not wrong. Click here to try the experiment. With a few clicks and shakes of your mouse, coloured balls will rain down on your screen.


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