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What happened?


Twitter performed a major upgrade to its search engine, making it possible to search for any tweet ever posted on the site. The Advanced Search page lets you search for specific phrases, users or hashtags within a a set time frame, although deleted tweets disappear from the servers within 30 days. In a blog post, Twitter said it has entirely rebuilt the search engine to provide full access to its archive of half a trillion tweets.


How will it affect you?


You can now enjoy having every tweet ever posted at your fingertips. Twitter's search facility has long been a source of frustration, because although it was capable of finding recent tweets, searching for tweets from years or even months ago was likely to return blank.

What does NWS think?


We're pleased that Twitter has finally improved its search engine, and it will be interesting to delve into tweets from the past to carry out research and explore the history of the web. Hopefully, the fact that all tweets will now be permanently accessible will make people think twice about posting offensive and thoughtless tweets.



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